Kahoots and PBLS

This afternoon we played a Kahoot about explorers and spent some time working on our Force and Motion PBL.


We celebrated Halloween Tuesday by doing a Halloween themed break out box. We also had fun at the class party!

In the Classroom

We spent time working on Mental Math with adding decimals. 
In Reading, we worked on finding similes and metaphors in the text.

Fire Safety

The Leawood Fire Department came today to teach us all about fire safety.

Run-On Sentences

Mrs. Pickett came in today to help us work on our run-on sentences. While reading our current writing project, we used slinkies to check for run-on sentences. When we stretched the slinky too far, that showed us it was too long of a sentence.

Tribe PBL

The kids did an awesome job with our latest PBL. Each group researched and presented a tribe. We learned lots about different tribes’ religions, governments, housing, etc.